Get Fit for a Miracle

Banish lethargy. Welcome energy. Help young people.

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About the event

We want to help you take your fitness to the next level. Whether it’s getting you from the couch to the beach or shifting your fitness up a gear whilst you help young people. We have done the research: 66 days to create a habit; accountability; anchoring; buddying up; use of technology; progress tracking and rewards. These are all ways we can help you take your fitness to the next level.

  1. Choose your preferred activity (A fitness session or class, running, walking, swimming or cycling). Choose something that you will enjoy.
  2. Take the short 66 day challenge. Research shows that on average it only takes 66 days to form a new habit.
  3. Accountability. Tell your friends and family you are committing to the challenge.
  4. Anchoring. Choosing a time and a place for your activity is one of the best ways to make it a habit. So commit to going to the gym before breakfast, running at lunchtime or walking for two bus stops going home, whatever suits you but pick a time and a place.
  5. Decide how many time per week you are going to do it (be realistic!).
  6. Buddy up. Create a team when you register. Challenge a friend or add your gym buddy, cycling or running partner. Whether your buddy is near or far training with a team is going to help you stick to the challenge.
  7. Connect with a fitness app like Fitbit, MapMyFitness or Strava or log your progress on line. We will help you track your progress against your goal.
  8. Talk about it. Tell your friends and family what you are doing and why you are doing it. They will help you on your way.

Miricyl. We stand for Mental Illness Research in Children and Young Lives. Stand with us.

We want to achieve equality, find cures and save lives affected by mental illness. It would be great if you could help us no matter how large or small your contribution.

Research shows that the stigma of mental illness can be as much a problem as the illness itself. It prevents access to: support from friends and family; treatment and employment. That is why at Miricyl we are passionate about raising awareness about mental health as well as fund raising for research for children affected by mental illness. Every conversation about mental illness takes us one step closer to achieving equality for those everyone affected and every pound takes us one step closer to finding cures for mental illness.

As a Miricyl Maker you can stand up for equality for mental health, share information about how you can help people who are affected and if you want fund raise. Every penny counts. We want to spend money raised on achieving equality and funding research, typically at universities, to find cures for children and young people affected by mental illness. 75% of mental illness first occurs under the age of 18 so we think this is the place to start creating miracles.

High Fives and Hugging

Raising money is obviously important. But we think high fives and hugging are just as good. This free gift to people makes them feel better and shows you care. Sharing stories about mental health can lead to a high five or a hug. 1 in 4 people are affected by mental illness. You might not know it because they have not felt able to talk about it yet but you could help a friend today.

We invite you to post your progress and our stories on social media. You can create positive images of mental health for 66 days and if you are fund raising this will result in 10-15 high fives and hugs from donors dipping into their pockets and supporting you. You cannot put a price on this.

Sarah's story

This is how Sarah felt her life was changed after she had had the courage to open up to some of her closest friends.

"On my particular bad days, I tend to isolate myself. Luckily, I have a few very good friends who know instantly when I am not feeling myself. It took me a while to break down this wall to allow people to see my suffering but I have found it is something I have not lived to regret. Just knowing that people are looking out for you and care enough to check on you breaks the barrier of feeling like a burden."

Become a Miricyl Maker. You could change a friend's life.

Personal Stories

"As a 4th year psychology student, I am incredibly aware of the importance of mental health in young lives. Early treatment is a crucial factor in bettering the lives of individuals suffering from mental illness. For this to happen, research devoted to unique intervention strategies specific to particular illnesses is essential. I was immediately drawn to the opportunity of getting involved with a charity with such important and significant goals and honoured to be a part of a group that will make a change in children and young lives. Together, let’s make a miracle for mental health.” "

Maria, Miricyl Maker

"Neglected. Ostracised. Bullied. Loved. Betrayed. Travelled. Studied. Down. Depressed. Depression. High flyer. Broken. Waiting list. Misdiagnosed. Recovered. Travelled. Bonus. Fast car. Bigger bonus. Hallucinations. Hospital. Treated. Re-diagnosed. Medicated. Group CBT. Recovery. Discrimination. Redundancy and mortgage free by 33? Down. Hallucinations. More CBT. High flying again. Million pound deals. Climbed mountains. Earnt bonuses. Faster car. More illness. Over medicated. More deals. More bonuses. More discrimination. Under medicated. Felt like the son of God. Felt like hell. Hospital. A third diagnosis. Taught to be patient not treated as a patient (again). Recovered. That’s hard work. Stigmatised by my family. Stigmatised by my friends. Unbowed. Undefeated. A survivor? No a fighter. And yes I still believe in Miricyls."

Alex, Miricyl Worker

"I got involved with Miricyl because although I have fortunately never suffered from mental illness, I know people who have and I can see how debilitating it is from not only a mental angle but also a physical one. Mental illness clearly affects every aspect of a person’s being. Albeit not from first-hand experience, I do sense the pain and utter desperation of those with mental illness; I can also see how it clearly has a negative effect on those closest to them, family and friends, and I sense what a waste of opportunity mental ill-health confers upon its sufferers particularly amongst the young who consequently never get a proper foothold in life, and enjoy and interact with the things I take for granted.

"I have been so fortunate in my life, my upbringing, my work, my family and friends that I am keen to give back where I can. Seeing and knowing of people experiencing mental illness is unsettling and demands a response. I think Miricyl is a great part of the battle for the mentally ill. Much more can be done and spent on research surrounding mental health amongst the young. Catching the problem early is clearly the best way to ensure those who have mental illness, get a chance to live a fulfilling life free of the burdens of mental illness. Let us give young people a Miricyl."

Mike, Miricyl Trustee

If you would like to share your story, anonymous or otherwise, please email us at